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Product review for Insurance Careers for Attorneys: Opportunity in Expected—and Unexpected—Places (21st Century Legal Career Series Book 11)

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Build a legal career in one of the hottest 21st century employment arenas!

In his 21st Century Legal Career Series, Richard L. Hermann researches, evaluates, and predicts where the employment opportunities are and will be for law graduates.

Volume 11 , Insurance Careers for Attorneys: Opportunity in Expected—and Unexpected—Places, shines a spotlight on a rich environment for law jobs. To say that insurance is booming is a decided understatement. The insurance industry is doing very well and continues to thrive regardless of the ups and downs of the global and national economies. A direct consequence of this is that both mainstream and JD Advantage insurance jobs for attorneys are proliferating. In fact, the demand for attorneys to fill these latter positions is high and becoming more intense, as employers discover that JDs who serve in these capacities bring both a strong skill set and dogged work ethic, as well as excellent judgment to their jobs.

This is, in part, due to the aging of the population—in America, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and will continue to do so at this incredible rate until 2029! That kind of unprecedented demographic explosion puts a great deal of pressure on insurers. The number of claims skyrockets. More people go on disability. More people die.

Insurance Careers for Attorneys details how to find the right employment opportunity in the vibrant world of insurance.
Highlights include:
•Why is Insurance Law Hot?
•Who Hires? Insurance Companies
•Who Hires? The Public Sector
•Who Hires? Law Firms
•Who Hires? Nonprofits
•The Work: What Do Insurance Lawyers Do?
•Selected JD Advantage Job Titles
•Positioning Yourself for an Insurance Law Career
•What Does It Pay?
•Advance Notice of Insurance Law Opportunities

Most mainstream legal jobs in insurance companies are in the corporate in-house counsel office. JD Advantage jobs can be found throughout insurance companies and occupy almost 50 job titles. Underwriting has become more infused with law, especially in areas such as professional liability and environmental liability. Consequently, there is an insurance industry trend in favor of hiring attorneys and training them to serve as underwriters in these law-infused sectors. And the Affordable Care Act (and whatever follows) imposes a host of new regulations and compliance requirements on insurers, which increases industry demand for legal services.

Hermann covers all this and more as he lays out what law students and lawyers need to know to build a successful career in and around the insurance industry.


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